Water Shark Systems, LLC. serves the following segments:

  •  Industrial Water Treatment and Storm Water Dischargers
  •  By cleaning the water at the source, the amount of contaminants reaching
  •  Target industries include scrap yards, metal smelting, or finishing
  •  Fresh Water/Drinking Water Treatment System Users
  •  Small unincorporated areas/rural
  •  Indian Reservations
  •  Emergency Response Organizations (local, state, federal) – In cases where there is a natural or man-made disaster and the source of water is contaminated, our mobile unit will be able to treat water for both drinking and general use.  The mobile unit can be transported to where the need is, all while powered by solar panels or a diesel generator if needed.
  •  U.S. military deployments – domestic and international
  •  Dry/arid Regions for Treating Waste Water (sewage) Effluent for Re-use – Most sewage water gets treated and pumped out and diluted into the mass ocean. Water Shark systems can re-treat this water for re-use and preserve the lifecycle of our precious water sources.
  •  Professional Organizations in Water Quality and Agriculture
  •  Oil & Gas industry (i.e. fracking)
International and Developing Countries
  •  Local Government Organizations
  •  Municipalities & schools (urban and rural)
  •  State ministries & provinces
  •  Emergency response organizations
  •  U.S. Based Development Organizations
  •  Foreign Development Organizations
  •  Non-Governmental Organizations specialized in developing countries
  •  Faith-based and Community Organizations providing Foreign Assistance
  •  Foreign Military
  •  Industrial Water Treatment
  •  Treatment of Waste Water (sewage) Effluent for Re-use
  •  Professional Organizations in Water Quality and Agriculture
  •  Hospitality and Tourism (i.e. drinking water for hotels, etc.)