Storm Shark

Storm Water

To protect the watershed, industrial storm water runoff regulations have been adopted and have evolved into a difficult compliance challenge for numerous industries. Public water agencies and regulators continue to put limits and restrictions on discharges into the watershed or sewer systems causing a growing concern for many industries. The first and original Water Shark System designed was the Storm Shark to bridge the gap and bring industrial yards into compliance. Due to the inherent nature of many industries (i.e. scrap recycling yards), storm water runoff can be contaminated and treatment needed for such substances as heavy and dissolved metal solids, oils, turbidity, etc. The Storm Shark easily treats these substances and water conditions, to meet and exceed local water quality discharge standards and in many cases to drinking water levels for such contaminants.


Water Shark System’s Storm Shark will:
  • Treats storm water runoff to the highest standards required in the U.S. to prevent contamination of the watershed.