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Mission Statement

Water Shark Systems will take a bite out of the global water crisis by using innovative leading-edge technology to treat contaminated water internationally, helping preserve valuable water resources.


Water Shark Systems (WSS) formerly known as StormWater Online, Inc., is an innovator and manufacturer of water treatment systems for small scale and mobile system applications.  The business model secures multiple revenue streams from different market segments.  By leveraging multiple patent-pending innovative treatment processes and forms of media, WSS is changing how companies and organizations (public & private) treat, discharge and re-use valuable water resources for drinking, agriculture and other valuable uses such as safely recharging the watershed.  Specifically, this technology, known as the “Water Shark” product line, is used to treat water in four distinct segments: storm water run-off, industrial waste/rinse water, re-use of grey water from waste water treatment facilities, and underground and surface water sources for reuse or safe/drinking water.  Furthermore, the technology and systems can be adapted to meet several different use case scenarios based on volume flow requirements (gpm), portability and mobility, power availability and more.

Products and Solutions

WSS has an extensive water treatment product line that targets many various applications with sophisticated standard and optional feature sets. The four focused treatment applications are for industrial water, storm water run-off, grey water after waste water treatment, and drinking/safe water. The units are the first ever to incorporate Oxidation processes along with chemical additives in various multiple stages, all sitting on a unique compact platform generating clean water at 30-300 gpm, depending on size, use and application of the unit.







99.8% Reduction of Contaminants

  • 99.8% 99.8%

Global Problems Water Shark Systems Solves

WSS serves a vast and global market. The company focuses on customers solving the following problems:

Lack of drinking water and safe water in both developed and developing countries – World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that nearly 5 million people die each year due to unsafe drinking water and 1.4 million child deaths due to diarrhea could be avoided each year with access to safe water.

Safe water resources for human use, agriculture and similar uses in developing countries. Many water sources used for agriculture are contaminated with man-made or naturally occurring metals or bacteria.  Treating this water before it is used for irrigation will mitigate the contamination in and on the plants/fruits/vegetables and provide a healthier product, with improved crop yields.

There is a limited global water supply with an ever-present growing demand.  A warmer climate will create further water scarcity and coupled with a growing population, will require global changes in how we use, re-use, treat, conserve and distribute invaluable water resources. Grey water management will be a key component to any solution.

Emergency Response to Natural Disasters – Access to potable and safe water is typically the #1 problem on day 2 of a disaster and causes the majority of deaths due to disease and diarrhea. Water Sharks can also rent/lease units to customers to respond to short term emergencies and natural disasters.

Affordable methods to treat storm water, industrial waste water and grey water domestically and in developing countries to minimize contamination of the watershed are limited.  The ability to re-use and recycle water, especially in dry arid regions, will be critical in the future.