Green Shark

Treatment of Green Water and Waste Water Effluent

Water resources are becoming more and more scarce as demand continues to rise.  With limited water resources continuing to be stretched over time, there is a growing demand to treat effluent from waste water treatment facilities for direct re-use.  Re-use of grey water and effluent from waste water treatment facilities (sewage plants) has become a very hot topic, especially in dry and arid areas (i.e. southwest U.S.) and developing countries where water distribution infrastructure and resources are inadequate.

Water Shark System’s Green Shark will:

  • Treat effluent in order to recharge potable water resources (watersheds) and capture and re-use for many purposes (i.e. irrigation, agriculture, recharging of aquifers, etc.) rather than going unused, potentially wasted and discharged into the ocean.
  • Provide sustained ongoing water treatment for re-use, cost effectively with a scalable version versus with multi-million dollar treatment plants we see today in the U.S.