Gray Shark

Industrial Process or Rinse Water

The Gray Shark is a modular water treatment system comprised of innovative and sustainable methods for treating various water sources including, but not limited to: clarifier water, manufacturing process water, rinse and wash water and more! These units perform at the highest caliber and are adaptable to the specific needs for the client. Metal manufacturing, food processing, and oil and gas industries are just a few applications of the Gray Shark System. To preserve and protect the watershed, water discharge regulations and permits have been adopted and evolved making compliance a challenge for many industries. The Gray Shark System has been born to satisfy and treat this non-hazardous water for safe discharge under permitting guidelines. Furthermore, it can be used in a closed or open loop system for water re-use, reducing consumption and rising water costs, while helping ensure business sustainability if water sources dry up.

Water Shark System’s Gray Shark will:

  • Revolutionize how industrial wastewater effluent is treated with its cost effective, flexible, compliant, and small physical footprint.
  • Treat and recycle non-hazardous industrial waste and rinse water.