Blue Shark

Meeting Safe & Potable Water Standards

EarthThere are over a billion people in the world without access to drinking water (potable) and safe water (not drinkable, but used for cleaning, bathing, etc.).  Contaminated drinking/safe water accounts for the most significant cause for disease and impact to mortality rates.  The majority of population in developing countries, particularly in rural areas have no means or access to safe and clean drinking water and often rely upon unsafe sources and distribution centers that lack appropriate treatment and safety controls.  Water Shark System’s Blue Shark has the flexibility to be stationary or mobile and go where safe drinking water is needed and to treat for various types and levels of contaminants to internationally safe drinking water standards.

With multiple uses the Blue Shark can be used for the following applications:

  • Rural areas without water distribution infrastructure leveraging surface or well water sources
  • Emergency Response Preparedness – Areas prone to natural disasters where treated potable water service is disrupted – Water Sharks can also rent/lease units to customers to respond to short term emergencies and natural disasters.
  • Developing countries where a large drinking water treatment facility is not feasible or practical
  • Treatment of contaminated water for agriculture re-use
  • Military deployment
  • Locations where power sources are not widely available

Blue Shark models will be based on two platforms – Mobile and Stationary – with various optional feature sets:

1. Mounting

  • Open air frame (standard)
  • Land-sea shipping container for protection and portability (optional)
  • Truck or trailer mounted (optional)

2. Power Source

  • Standard 220V single phase (standard)
  • Solar generator with battery supply (optional)
  • Diesel generator (optional)

3. Various system capacities/models (GPM capacity, variable or static pumping speeds)

4. Chlorinator module (optional)

5. Additional distribution storage tanks (optional)

With several design options and a demanding thirst for bringing transportable drinking water treatment systems to locations in need around the globe, the innovative Blue Shark is positioned well to serve many markets and applications.